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irresistable experiences

Brand Activation – Placemaking – Entertainment/Event Design

growing ideas for growing audiences




We Create brandfans

Go beyond gathering audiences and connecting to consumers.  Enlist your audience to create their own content, value, and personal experience through story and technology

When they’ve become collaborators, your audience have skin in the game.

MODE creates interactive, narrative, and personalized activations and installations that generate excitement, and audience investment.  We span the metaverse and the real world to extend experience into community


Digital Place Making

Placemaking begins with a space and then breathes purpose, attraction, action, and experience.  It can be used to gather, to communicate, to inspire, or to move.  MODE adds digital layers through interactivity, immersive media elements, kinetic architecture, and extends into the metaverse

GM World Case Study

GM World Case Study


using ai and ar to merge digital and real

Create connected experiences that span live events and activation with digtal layers.  On TOP of live experience is augmented reality, realtime sensing, and AI powered content.  UNDER ?  Integrated apps, community engagement, digital platforms, seasonal programming, and the metaverse

Architectural Intelligence

A tech stack.  A philosophy.  Experience of space can be immersive, interactive, multi sensory, and deeply personalized.  We use sensing technology, artificial intelligence, and deeply integrated controls to breath story, impulse, movement, and LIFE into space. 

It’s not enough to present.  We immerse, observe, and invite the audience to co-create

Architectural Intelligence is our proprietary system to program, measure, and interactively personalize experience

Transforming Retail spaces into cultural places

From Mall to all

Retailers cant simply build experiences for buying, they must build experiences for joining!

To capture millenials and genZ, brick and mortar retail needs to be omnichannel ready and driven by experience”.

– Deloitte

We provide placemaking and programming that drives traffic and engagement in retail developments.  Utilizing interactive sensing, rich multimedia, kinetic architecture, audio, haptics, lighting, and digital layers we transform retail into theater

create meaningful experiences

Attract consumers and engage them by appealing to their culture and senses

Attract MODE

Transform legacy spaces and strategies to mix compelling placemaking and interactive entertainment with retail


The "3rd" Place

Offer amenities and opportunities for THE desirable location outside of home and work for life.  

every brand an experience

Create culture and community that your consumers can participate in, invest in, and contribute to.  Programming that inspires User Generated Content