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MODE worked closely with strategic partner Antfarm to create an immersive experience for NBC/Universal’s Los Angeles Screenings – The annual gathering of foreign press and international media buyers anxious to get their first glimpses of the year’s new programming. NBC/Universal asked that there first be an element of dramatic entrance and joyful surprise: Antfarm and MODE worked to create an epic curving tunnel of LED, an environment of content and light that revealed at it’s end a vast sound stage featuring a one hundred and twenty five foot wide projection screen gorgeously inhabited with Antfarm’s beautiful program sequences. MODE Principal Bob Bonniol served as Screens Producer and System Designer, specifying the blended projection systems in the main room, as well as the one hundred foot tunnel constructed entirely of 2.7mm LED panels. The system utilized Disguise Media Servers, and was provided by Screenworks/NEP. MODE Creative Director Butch Allen managed production for the event, coordinating MODE’s efforts with the grip and lighting departments on the NBC/Universal lot, and then supervising the smooth running of the screenings daily.
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