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The most interesting parts of the metaverse will be those places where real and virtual intersect. Just after the new year, SIngapore completed work on the first full “digital twin” buildout of a city in virtual space. And this is not the playful 8 bit version. In addition to accurate geometry, the virtual Singapore includes cadastral data which gives visibility to property ownership, BIM infrastructure, allowing for virtual interface with real world systems, and of course the culture and media. This digital twin and it’s powerful diagnostic and operational effect will be critical for Singapore as the city faces rising sea levels and fierce climate events. And now the rich dataset and detail can be “captured once and used by many”. These metaversal assets will be openly available to business to build on. And with it’s incredible accuracy, it will become a platform for AR phenomena in the real world, and XR in the virtual. THIS is the real potential of the metaverse. It will be entertaining and experientially amazing. But it will also benefit science, education, public works, and community. It will have massive utility. It will, in fact, become a UTILITY.

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