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Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

MODE works with our clients and partners via a series of logical and organized phases


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Espresso Shots

Concept Development

MODE believes that good creative and design is answering a question.  In the beginning of every project, we are listening carefully for those questions.  In the Creative Development Phase, the MODE team works with you to develop and agree on the important core of your creative needs through blue sky sessions, charettes, and creative investigation.  The result is consensus on creative direction, as well as an initial understanding of the budget and process plan to take your project from page to staged.

Design Development

The MODE team now works with you to break down the core creative at a granular level.  The goals in this phase are two-fold:  A complete understanding of your projects circumstances and conditions, coupled with detailed cultural and creative strategy development to KNOW the flavor, the tone, the atmosphere, the possibilities, the palette, the plan.  The real details ?  We’ll engage in site surveys, we’ll evaluate facilities impact, we’ll begin using paper, pencils, code, and context to create visual renderings.  We’ll initiate the the producing tools necessary to manage your project smoothly.  We’ll work together to define a process to succeed !

Schematic Design & Writing

MODE’s Creative Directors, Designers, Developers and Producers will now commit ideas to ink, generating the definitive documents to fabricate, assemble, shoot, visualize, pixelize and produce.  In this phase we work with you to develop treatments, software architecture, construction documents, pitch decks, scripts, and detailed budget breakdowns.  This is where we make sure that every nut, bolt, syllable, and statistic is accounted for, and communicated to all members of the team in clear and visible ways

Prototyping and approval

The MODE team are all passionate about workshopping, testing, and KNOWING the best practices for creating what has never been created before.  We are committed to limiting the creative and financial risk that accompanies producing spectacle and immersion at the highest level.  In this phase we will arrange for evaluations of equipment, fabrication of prototypes, scaled testing of techniques, and comprehensive previsualization and pre-programming of control and interactive elements.  We’ll make models, test theories, and throughout work side by side with you to manage a creative process that delivers exactly what you had in mind.

Pre-Production and fabrication

The rubber hits the road.  In this phase, we cast and rehearse performance, we help determine and supervise vendors in the fabrication of digital, scenic, structure, and production technologies.  We build out a team of the most prominent professionals for whom there is zero tolerance for failure, and we work hand in hand with them to create the perfect circumstances for success.  We produce content and code to bring media infused engagements to life.  And every step of the way, we keep you connected, looping you in to every decision to evaluate and approve.

Production and integration

It all comes together.  Strategy, ccreative direction, scenic or installation design, lighting design, audio design and scoring, interactive engagements and effects – All together at last, in the space, on the platforms.  This is where we rehearse, refine, perform, and reveal.  We work with platforms, production staff, contractors, performers, artists, technicians, programmers, location representatives, architects, cameramen, carpenters, and YOU to deliver spectacle. Connection.  Memories.  Impressions,  Activations,  Joy.

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