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Sustainability Policy

MODE is committed to operating as a sustainable agency and minimizing its environmental impact. We recognize the importance of sustainable practices and aim to integrate them into all aspects of our business operations. This policy outlines our commitment to sustainability and provides a framework for our actions and the implementation plan.

By focusing on sustainability as a core value of our business, we are committed to minimize our impact on the environment and support others in doing the same. We measure our commitment in these 3 areas:


  1. Environment
    We are passionate about sharing sustainability education with our team and community. With our 100% remote team, we are committed to keeping our footprint small.

    We promote a paperless work environment by encouraging digital document management and communication. Currently, onboarding paperwork is paperless.

  2. Team
    We value our team. Our employees and subcontractors are fundamental to our impact. We provide benefits, career development opportunities, and nurture a thriving company culture. We are proud to be 100% women owned, 75% women in leadership positions and 80% diverse team members.

    We allow flexible working by allowing our team members to choose their own place and time of work. This helps team members maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    We comply with all equal opportunities laws and regulations.

  3. Community 
    Through our community engagements and thought leadership in the industry, we are in a position to uplift our communities and the leaders of the next generation.
    We refuse to work with organizations involved with ethically dubious activities such as military systems, tobacco, hunting, and animal testing.

Our 2024 Impact Goals

  1. We will continue supporting WBEC Pacific and women-owned businesses in our ecosystem as part of our community engagement and giving. We will also measure and continue being low-impact with a 100% remote workforce.
  2. Maintain our team’s diversity, talented people, and diverse thinkers with an over 90% retention rate.
  3. Establish & implement sustainability training and practices across MODE.
  4. Provide environmental stewardship recommendations to our team regularly. We love our Green Slack channel!
  5. Track our carbon emissions at our solar-powered HQ and set annual SBTi goals for 2025.
  6. Purchase products and services from suppliers that share similar environmental goals as our own.
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