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MODE is a hybrid experience agency

We Create Worlds For Stories
Your message, your play, your music, your brand, your product… These things convey meaning, they inspire thoughts, they cultivate reactions – These are YOUR stories. We create habitats for story to play out.  We start with the blank page, and work with you to define words, scenery, illumination, content, interactivity, and the means to deliver it all.  We do this with some of the most creative artists, brands, musicians, and media conglomerates on Earth.

We use architecture, light, image, movement, and interactivity to produce immersive experiences.

Our guiding principle is building immersive worlds.  We create environments in which stories come to life.  These environments allow for expression, for problem solving, for immersion, for interaction, for delight & joy, for commerce, for giggling, for thoughtful contemplation, for tears, for laughter, and for living spectacle.


We help you to create scripts, treatments, pitches, speeches… The words behind the big idea.  We have done this for broadcasts, big brands, theme parks, and artists…  When the blank page looms, we can help.  And it’s not just clever words – We have deep experience in developing strategy for brands, and dramaturgy for the arts.  If content is king, then context is god !


We have the creative chops to head up the whole effort, providing artistic leadership to guide a concept from page to stage.  MODE partners can be found doing this on network television, concert stages, and in brand experiences.  We are skilled in providing support for artists , performers, and marketing gurus.  We are serial collaborators, KNOWING that it takes a synthesis to make extraordinary things…


MODE provides design concepts, design renderings, storyboards, design draftings, light plots, interactive wireframes and creative ideation to make manifest amazing spaces in physical form.  We routinely do this in the disciplines of scenic design, content design, interactive design, and lighting design.

Why do we do these things ?

Because we thrive on THAT moment.  That moment when the houselights go out and ten thousand people ROARThat moment when revealing something BLOWS THEIR MINDThat moment when the opening chord of the song hits and they LEAP TO THEIR FEETThat moment in the 2nd act when the heroine sings and BREAKS YOUR HEARTThat moment when a brand reveals something that will CHANGE THE WORLD.  THAT moment that you can’t put into words, but finds form in space, light, media, and engagement.


Schedules.  Budgets.  Plans.  Logistics.  Leadership.  MODE is deeply experienced in  creating and leading the ad hoc organizations required to create the biggest productions and installations on earth.  Our producers and project managers consistently keep things on time and on budget, all with a smile and reassuring confidence…


MODE is constantly aware of what is new, what is tested, and what is available.  We have extended relationships with vendors, manufacturers, and contractors, allowing us to source and provide the very best technological and personnel solutions to projects large and small.  We can create systems specifications customized to achieve creative goals with flexibility, and on budget.


Looking for the next big idea ?  Want to do some blue sky development ?  Have a really interesting problem to solve ?  MODE works with the biggest entertainment companies, brands, and agencies to provide fresh insight, to transform constraints to advantages, and to imagine how to do what has never been done…

Who have we done it for ?

MODE Studios is a turn key solution provider for immersive architectural installations, live events, broadcast, experiential marketing, and interactive experiences.  We provide blue sky creative consultation, pitch development, concept outlines, script writing, direction, scenic design, lighting design, video design, executive producing, production supervision, equipment specification, equipment rental, interactive software development, and general inscrutable magic.

Our clients include Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Live Nation, AEG, Feld Entertainment, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Activision/Blizzard, America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol, Blue Man Group, Microsoft, Nokia as well as countless recording artists, broadway producers, opera companies, theme parks, cruise lines, dance companies, and architects.

How can we help you make a difference ?

Let’s find out.